Harvard Depository

Last week, Tuesday, we visited the Harvard Depository. This facility is where they store approximately 9.2 million items not in regular circulation in Harvard’s libraries. 90-92% of these holdings are books, which translates to somewhere in the neighborhood of 8.5 million volumes.

The items are brought to the Depository from the libraries in large plastic bins. Once at the facility they are sorted and scanned for storage. Sorting is based solely upon size and library of origin.

This frame is used to gauge the size of the volume before it is placed in a corresponding cardboard container.

After processing, the cardboard containers of items are moved into the storage aisles and shelved by workers driving cherry picker vehicles.

Cherry picker or book picker?

The rooms where all of these shelves are is kept at a cool 50 degrees F.

Shelving items on Aisle 22.

Oh hi.




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