Audio Displacement

Audio Displacement

One of the things I’ve noticed in the libraries are how many people choose to wear headphones while there. This is interesting because the library is a quiet environment, supposedly ideal for studying, but these people are choosing to replace it with their own sound environment.

It makes me think that perhaps the library represents a quantity of STUDY and although that STUDY is conducive to studious activity, it proves to be too much all at once. Visitors choose to tone back the feeling of STUDY by modifying one of its elements, the soundscape, while still retaining the visual and social cues of the library.

When we displace the STUDY sound, where does it go? Is this quantity of STUDY something we can package and take elsewhere, creating newly studious environments?

Do we want to create newly studious environments when already people choose to work at home, in coffee shops, outdoors, etc. or is the goal to draw them together as much as possible?


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  1. zezil

    Maybe the reason why people put on headphones is to just contain the sound, the silent but existent sounds (like ballpen tapping, footsteps, etc) I do this all the time (putting my headset/phone on). It just gives me more focus. Everything recedes into the background and it’s just me and my books.

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