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A Proposal for Slightly Distracted Study

A Proposal for Distracted Study

Study, study, study, study. We’ve all got different ways of studying.

Different people study differently. Also, different areas of study inspire different modes of study. Personally, I do my best thinking when I’m in a lecture for another class. (Something I’m doing right now, in fact.)

So why go to a library when you are free to study anywhere? In short, because the library is a socially agreed upon place of study and it allows you to be in the company of others while still studying with little danger of serious interruption. This is unlike a cafe, for instance, where you might run into friends who are not bound by the implicit agreement to leave you to your studies. Also… we like libraries.

Let’s make the space of the library support many study behaviors.

This is a proposal for slightly distracted study. The lecture table speaks to you at a volume which is only intelligible to those sitting at the table. It has no interface. It is not your personal speaker or your headphones — you choose by being there or not. A room of slight distraction is created by a cluster of these tables each speaking quietly on a different subject.


The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

William H. Whyte: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces – The Street Corner from MAS on Vimeo.

We watched this film in Jana Cephas’ “The Subject and the City” course the other week and it’s been sticking in my head. The documentation and codification of social behaviors—always interesting, yet never quite enough to really make a design. At any rate though, the film is worth a watch and quite cute.